Our Mission:
Yesterday’s Pioneers Strengthening Today’s Professionals.

Our Purpose

The purpose of Aerospace Engineering Associates LLC (AEA) is to mobilize the first generation of spacefaring professionals, who have retired from NASA and its contractors, and deploy them as a resource to those charged with the responsibility for carrying out today’s programs. Read More

Our People

AEA was co-founded on January 1, 2007, by Larry Ross (Chief Executive Officer) and Joe Nieberding (President). Larry and Joe are very experienced space system developers. Larry was with the NASA Lewis Research Center, now NASA Glenn, for a thirty–two year career. He was Center Director from 1990-1994, before which he held the positions of Deputy Center Director, Director of Space, and Director of Launch Vehicles. Earlier in his career, he held various positions associated with engineering and program management of the Atlas/Centaur and Titan/Centaur Programs. He was chairman of the Delta 178 Failure Review Board in 1986. Mr. Ross retired from NASA in 1995, and since then has served as a senior consultant to NASA, other Government agencies, and the commercial aerospace industry. In January, 2007, Larry co-founded AEA. Read More